Multifunction production network and trade systems in the region of Tula, Shchekino Municipality

CITY OF CRAFTSMEN «LEVSHA» is a mixed-use complex in the city of Schekino, Tula region, Russian Federation. Organized for development of small and medium-sized businesses that can combine several functions in one: production, storage and sale of consumer goods, merchandise produced in the complex.

Varieties of industrial and commercial sections are created within a total built-up area of 540 to 580 thousand square meters, plot area is 70 hectares.

CITY OF CRAFTSMEN «LEVSHA» is attractive for entrepreneurs, producers and consumers: first, by the availability of low rents, the exclusion of intermediaries, the ability to produce and sell the product via a shortened path from producer to consumer.

The activity of the multifunctional complex will organize a large number of jobs, prepare highly qualified specialists, provide jobs to graduates of vocational-technical schools, and educate future generations.

The territory is divided into several functional areas: manufacturing, logistics, storage, processing and merchandizing the manufactured in the complex products.

Visitors to the complex will be attracted by the diversity and wide range of products. These are products and consumer goods, including fabrics and garments, footwear, food, household and electrical appliances, interior decoration, home furnishing items, arts and crafts, toys and souvenirs, sporting goods and leisure accessories, electronics, perfumes and cosmetics, everything you need to maintain a normal lifestyle-style.

The complex has an area for business activities. These are offices, business center, branches of banks, insurance companies, and conference rooms.

The complex is part of TI-Park, including a modern urban village. The park solves threefold objective: the development of the territory at the expense of infrastructure development, industrial clusters and development of the residential complex.




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