Social Impulse

  Improving the quality of life

People live in a safe city with good air, with plenty of parks, lakes, good school, kindergarten, children and family leisure center, sports and entertainment complex. All this built into the project, will enable the State to reduce the cost of subsidies.

The quality of urban life is a primary factor in attracting investment capital and basis to counteract the brain drain. In today’s world struggle for highly qualified staff is key to success.

According to estimates of international experts, the number of representatives of the creative class of thinking in Russia is still the second largest in the world after the U.S. Our project offers modern quality of life in the city and should attract innovation and modernization and highly qualified personnel.

  Social Security

The project offers a comprehensive package of social services. Provides comfortable housing, environmentally friendly jobs and advanced quality of social services to all residents of the park.

A project for social housing that meets the advanced world requirements to the needs of disabled and elderly residents.

Urban environment, in a separate village, to ensure social stability and support for social change.

Quality of life is improved, in addition to all above stated, by the availability of goods and services produced at a substantial discount for local residents.

Under the agreement signed between us and the Administration of the Tula region, this project’s implementation would create more than 2,500 jobs. This uniquely will remove unemployment in the region. Meanwhile, one job position in the production sector guarantees additional 1.5 job positions in the service and maintenance sectors.

The park offers everything for the advance of scientific research relating to the development of PhD's and Masters' dissertations at the University of Tula. This will help introduce in production the latest developments of local skilled workers.

Management Company "Tula Industrial Park" ensures safe and superior environmental conditions for employment

'Tula Industrial Park' – Invest in the Future