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Visit of the Corporate Director of the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Agency of Strategic Initiatives"
July 29 visit of the Corporate Director of "Agency for Strategic Initiatives" - Svetlana Vitalievna Chupshevoy.
Her visit began with a meeting at the Ministry of economic development of the Tula region, to discuss a strategy to support the comprehensive investment project "Tula Industrial Park", located in the district Shekino.
The meeting was attended by:
Chupsheva Svetlana Vitalievna - Corporate Director of ASI
Lavrukhin Gregory Viktorovich - Minister of Economic Development of the Tula Region
Oleg Fedosov Anatolevich- Head of Administration of municipal formation Shekino District
Ilya Lobanov Aleksandrovich - Assistant Head of the Investment Administration of the municipality From the Administration of Shekino
Yaremchuk Anton Vladimirovich - Deputy chairman of “Improvement of the investment climate” department, ASI
Zarubin Valentin Sergeevich- deputy minister of economic development of the Tula region
Narkhov Mikhail Yurevich- Director of Investment activity and Foreign Ministry of economic development of the Tula region.
In the second half of the working visit, they met with the initiators of the investment project on the site of the future industrial park located near the village Belovy Dvori, Shekino district.
The meeting was attended by:
Tolstoy Ilya Ilyich - General Director of "Tula Industrial Park"
Nikolay Slaveykov Yordanov - Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Tula Industrial Park"
Elohov Sergey Yureevich - General Director of OOO "Tula Home Logistic"
Tikhonov Denis Vladimirovich - General Director of "Development Corporation Tula region".
After the meeting a schedule was planned for realization of the investment project, followed by the active participation of the Strategic Initiatives Agency and the Government of the Tula region.





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On July 26 during his visit to Shchekino, The Governor of the Tula region V. S. Gruzdev visited the site in the municipality Kostomarovskaya where TIPark will be built.

The Governor was accompanied by The First Deputy Governor Andrianov, The Deputy Governor Maryasova, The Minister of the Investment Policy and the Public-Private Partnership A. A. Spiridonov, a member of the Federation Council E. V. Atanov, The head of the municipality Shchekino N. N. Pilyus, The head of the municipal administration Shchekino N. N. Sviridov, and also representatives of the investing company.

The Head of the region was introduced to an object model of the future
project which will occupy a 138.6 ha. Several companies with developed infrastructure, including construction, textile, confectionery and dairy will be situated in TIPark. The planned investment is 500 million euros.

V.S.Gruzdev noted the obligation of the Government to invest in repairs and construction of the roads leading to the industrial park, as well electrification.

V.S.Gruzdev paid special attention to the social aspect of TIPark, where is planned the construction of economy-class housing. Also, according to the draft, there should appear a school, a kindergarten and a clinic.

Source: Office of the press service of the Government of the Tula region

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