TI-PARK is located in the Municipality of Shchekino, 25 km south of the city of Tula, the regional Centre with a population of 543,000 inhabitants. Schekino Municipality has a population of 108,800 inhabitants; it is situated in the fertile central metropolitan area of the Tula region. The administrative center of the municipality is Schekino city. There are four urban settlements, and 5 villages. The municipality it-self is an important transport link of international and federal importance: Moscow -Simferopol highway, the major railroad Moscow-Belgorod. TI-Park is located 225 km from the international airports of Moscow, at a distance of 400 km from the river port of Pavlovsk and 5 km from the railway station Schekino, 0.9 km from the railway station Zhitov-Glagolev.

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