Economic Impulse

Import Substitution and Export Development

Our project will significantly improve the trade balance of the region contained by the production in the park. The project must generate and develop innovative business ideas and introduce new technologies into commercially viable products and services; create wealth at all levels – individual, federation.

Incorporated in the project developments will be the impetus for regional economic advance by combining capital with new business ideas, innovation and strategies based on high technology industries. On the one hand the implementation of the project will lead to the production of goods that were previously imported, on the other will create conditions for export.

Development of competitive environment

The development of local industries will increase the competitive environment and de-monopolization. Multi-purpose building creates a new living environment - a more diverse and intense communication. The area lives 24 hours a day. TI Park is attractive for entrepreneurs, producers and consumers: first, by the availability of low rents, the exclusion of intermediaries, the ability to produce and sell the product via a shortened path from producer to consumer. Moreover, shorter production and distribution chains significantly decrease cost and create a highly competitive environment for business, provides opportunities for synergies.


The idea of our project was presented at the Russian Investment Forum, III, IV Tula Economic Forum and to date the project has captured interest in Bulgaria (Konstantinovo Industrial Park), in Samara, Russia (Volga Industrial Park), which gives us confidence to promote similar projects in the Russian regions and abroad.





'Tula Industrial Park' – Invest in the Future